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Since the early 1960s, Leer has manufactured industrial walk-ins for a range of markets, including foodservice, convenience stores, environmental chambers, scientific incubators, and more. Today, our expertise has led to quality innovations the help you boost your bottom line. Whether you choose a custom walk-in or one of our Pre-Engineered “quick ship” options, you can count on Leer innovation for industry-leading quality and ease of installation.

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Custom Options

From small coolers to large warehouses, Leer custom-designed products are engineered and constructed to suit a variety of individual needs.


Made with energy-efficient, foamed-in-place rail, “soft nose” construction, Leer Walk-In coolers offer the best insulating values, resulting in maximum energy efficiency.


Leer’s standard Walk-In cooler doors is the strongest in the industry. The heavy-duty steel, 12-gauge frame is precisely welded around the door frame to provide structural rigidity and strength, as well as to prevent door sag.


Voted #1 in ease of installation, Leer Walk-Ins are specially designed with two-piece corner moldings, additional cam locks and more to ensure hassle-free installation, keeping timelines on track and ultimately saving time and money.

Pre-Engineered “Quick Ships”



  • Stucco-embossed, galvanized steel interior and exterior
  • Heavy-duty hardware provides positive door latching, while sealing in cold
  • Heavy-gauge metal door frame prevents sagging, warping and twisting
  • 4.25″-thick, foamed-in-place UL class 1 urethane panels
  • Quick, easy and economical installation
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Available with or without refrigeration systems and insulated floor panels
  • Pre-assembled remote refrigeration system
  • 10 year door and panel warranty
  • FM approved panels available

Available Sizes:

5' 10"7' 9"9' 8"11' 7"13' 6"15' 5"17' 4"19' 3"
5' 10"
7' 9"
9' 8"
11' 7"

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Leer, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of retail ice merchandising equipment and walk-in coolers distributed under the Leer® and Carroll Cooler brand names. Leer is committed to consistent improvement in order to better serve our customers with top-of-the-line ice merchandisers and custom walk-in coolers and freezers.

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