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Custom Applications

There are hundreds of applications beyond keeping cold food cold. For instance, it is not uncommon to find cold and controlled storage for environmental growth chambers and scientific incubators. Our resources allow us to assemble the right group of people to work with your team on your next project. Please contact our applications specialist for more information.

Bars/Beer Caves

Just in time for football season! The perfect solution for your home entertainment needs, Leer can help put walk-in or reach-in coolers and freezers in residential settings to create beer caves. Commercially, both Budweiser and Miller have identified beer caves as avenues for increasing beer sales by as much as 30%.

Environmental Growth Chambers

Seed production, seedling storage, dairy operations, farm stores, ripening rooms for fruits, vegetables, cheeses, floral, etc. These types of facilities often involve special doors, humidity controls and temperature controls that are more likely to involve a combination of cooled and tempered space.


Did you know that the temperature of a beer can affect yield and customer satisfaction? Ideal temperatures for craft beers are not the same for traditional beers. Let us help you explore trends in beer sales and presentations.

Floral Display Cases

Floral coolers can be as simple as a standard quick ship cooler—or they can be designed to meet, for example, the challenges of holding delicate flowers by using low velocity coils, etc. It’s even possible to create a small, portable unit for use at farmer’s markets.


Restaurants, schools, hospitals, corrections, commissary, food pantry, etc. Within each of these groups, there are several key considerations that will determine how to build a walk-in. For instance, in pizza or baking applications it may be wise to consider features like low-velocity coils to prevent dough from drying out. And in coolers where there are large volumes of produce being stored, coated coils and a painted finish could help prevent premature wear or corrosion.

Healthcare Storage Boxes

Walk-in coolers and freezers are increasingly used for a variety of healthcare applications. Common uses include: storage and distribution of medications, vaccines, blood, etc. Home healthcare is a growing market that has its own set of distribution challenges. Other areas include nutriceutical environments where beauty, skin care and vitamin goods are manufactured, packaged and stored for order fulfillment.


Cold and controlled storage units such as walk-in coolers, freezers and clean rooms are found throughout the manufacturing world and are used in industries including micro-electronics, semi-conductors, biotech, glass lamination, printing, photovoltaic and more.

Mortuary Refrigerated Compartments

Some states, like Georgia, are pushing for an extended holding period for those who choose cremation as a form of final rest. Leer can supply you with a variety of ways to comply with this law, or simply offer it as a courtesy solution. Coolers can also double as floral holding areas for those regions where floral deliveries may be difficult.


Every galley kitchen needs cold storage. Leer provides customized storage for a variety of shipbuilding applications for specialty builders.

Scientific Incubators

Aeronautics and the military are two common areas where we see walk-in coolers and freezers used for testing parts on planes, batteries and other sensitive equipment. Walk-in coolers are also often a key component in testing, toxicology, evidence preservation and even historical document preservation, also known as Archive Boxes.


Leer provides temperature control panels to support technology and equipment penthouses. Our solutions range from insulating housing for 4G towers to covering rooftop equipment in order to meet local code requirements and more.


Leer offers custom insulated panels to help convert existing warehouse space to cold storage space for the ultimate storage of dry goods.

Walk-In Parts

Leer makes finding, ordering, and managing our OEM parts an easy task. Our commitment to customer service, great pricing, and timely shipping keeps your machines running efficiently, reliably and safely.

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