Leer Model S100 Features
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Construction Features

Patented Construction Features
All steel construction with no fasteners, welding, or adhesives. The offset seams are precision machine formed, resulting in water-tight lock-form seams that create a stronger and more durable unit. This increases longevity by reducing moisture penetration into the insulation.
High R-Values
Increased insulation to reduce heat infiltration into the unit - resulting in consistent and optimal temperatures of -10°F - 0°F. There’s 3" of high-performance, eco-friendly, insulation in the ceiling, walls, and floor.
Rust Resistant
The exterior of the freezer is finished with a two-part primer/top coat all-weather paint to provide superior resistance to humidity, corrosion, and other weather conditions.

Door Features

High-Impact Breaker Strip
High-impact breaker strip, located around the perimeter of the door jamb, durable enough to withstand excessive wear and tear and provide a thermal break between the freezer interior and exterior.
Top-of-the-Line Door Gaskets
The gaskets contain extra air chambers as well as a magnetic strip to provide a tight insulation around the doors. The gasket material is Santoprene®, which is designed to withstand harsh outdoor climates without breaking or becoming brittle. Together these features improve the sealing performance and durability of the gaskets and freezer door. Therefore, making the freezer more energy efficient and better at keeping product in premium condition.
Enhanced Door Frames
The door frame is a combination of both rigid and flexible PVC, which provides better protection against dirt and water in the field and foam exposure during the manufacturing process.
Inset Doors
The 2" inset doors provide greater insulation, reduce condensation, and improves the performance of freezer.
Rain Shield
All doors contain a rain shield to divert water from dripping onto the doors or into the unit.
Steel Doors with Premium Paint
Galvanized steel doors top coated with a premium exterior grade white paint, which provides resistance to scratches, scuffs, dents, and protection from the outside elements.
Spring-Assisted Hinges
The hinges are adjustable to ensure a lifetime of level, and solid sealing doors. Additionally, the springs help the door close securely and avoid accidentally being left open.
Chrome-Finish Hardware
All hardware, including hinges and handles, have a chrome-finish to provide greater, strength durability, resistance to corrosion, and aesthetics.
Large Door Openings
Oversized door openings for increased accessibility, and ease of loading during restock.
Locking Feature
Doors contain a lockable hasp to protect from theft.

Refrigeration Features

The drop-down evaporator system allows for easier troubleshooting, maintenance, and servicing.
Compressor Cover
Standard and provides air flow for better cooling of the condenser and compressor. It's also a layer of protection from harmful foreign objects.
Limited Maintenance
Automatic Defrost refrigeration system to prevent frost build up.
Intelligent Electronic Controls
Electronic controls feature a digital display, factory preset advanced custom settings, and built-in intelligence to ensure your freezer will consistently operate at the optimal settings for your environmental needs.

Interior Features

Heavy-Duty Shelving
Eight fully adjustable pilaster-style shelving capable of holding up to 100lbs per shelf.
High-End Interior Finish
Bright white interior finish.
Interior Lighting
Standard with energy efficient LED lighting to make it easier to see the product.