Pallet Load Ice Merchandisers

Imagine Saturday afternoon, and its 95 degrees. Your drivers are racing to load merchandisers full of ice, faster than consumers can empty them. Your drivers enter the store to see two empty merchandisers and begin to hand load the hundreds of bags of ice from the pallet into the merchandiser. After the time-consuming work is complete, they jump back in the truck, to do it all over again at the next store.

Or, imagine that same Saturday afternoon using our Pallet Load Merchandisers. Your drivers lower pallets of ice off the liftgate, which are already loaded onto the removable floors. Using a standard pallet jack, they push the pallets right into the merchandiser and store the others in a Walk-In Freezer. After just a few minutes, with minimal delays and ice still in premium condition your drivers are off to finish the route.

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Pallet Load Ice Merchandiser Models


Exterior Dimensions: 54″ D x 72″ W x 87″ T
Interior Capacity: 150 Cubic Feet
Bag Capacity: 200 10lb. Bags
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Exterior Dimensions: 56″ D x 108″ W x 97″ T
Interior Capacity: 225 Cubic Feet
Bag Capacity: 400 10lb. Bags
Requirements: Electrical 115v (230v upon request)
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  • Certified: UL Certified, CE Certified, DOE Registered, NSF Approved box upon request
  • Construction: Water-tight lock-form seams for a stronger, more durable cabinet with all steel construction
  • Ease Of Use: Open the doors and the pallets slide right in
  • Time Savings: Load multiple pallets of ice in just minutes
  • Made In The USA: Manufactured by Leer’s employee-owners ensuring a personal commitment to quality
  • Warranties: All parts and labor covered by warranty

PL150 Overview

PL225 Overview

Customer Testimonials:

“Now, literally, the merchandiser itself is making me money.”

Ryan M.
Ice King

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