International Merchandisers


While all Leer ice merchandisers are available for international export, the two models below were specifically designed to reduce freight costs and include the following features:

  • CE certification
  • International power wire color code
  • Export-specific refrigeration
  • Automatic defrost capability of 0 degree F (-17.8 degree C) operation per country code
  • Language-specific warning labels and manuals
  • Country-specific electrical plugs are included by request
  • Electronic controls

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Model LP280

Model LP280   Request A Quote


  • 25 Cubic Feet (approx)

Outside Dimensions

  • Width 47.5″
  • Depth 35.5″
  • Height 48″


  • Single 27″ x 27″ standard, painted galvanized steel door
  • 1/3 horsepower compressor
  • 7.4 amps
  • Auto Defrost: 319 lbs.


  • Up to 40 units can fit on a standard 40′ container
  • Total steel cabinet construction
  • Baked-on acrylic polyurethane, high solids, lead-free, enamel finish exterior
  • Full 2-1/2″ thick, CFC-free, foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation in all walls and top with 3″ bottom insulation
  • Low temperature sealed condensing units with service valves available on all models
  • Reinforced, embossed Durapon Coated steel doors with welded PVC frame and roll-in gaskets
  • Drop down evaporator systems
  • Interior air flow ducts on automatic defrost models
Model L150KDASX

Model L150KDASX   Request A Quote


  • 150 Cubic Feet (approx)

Outside Dimensions

  • Width 89″
  • Depth 46″
  • Height 89″


  • Double 25″ x 44″ standard, painted galvanized steel doors
  • 1/2 horsepower compressor
  • 9.2 amps
  • Auto Defrost: 1,050 lbs.


  • 50% more capacity than a standard Leer 100 size merchandiser
  • Constructed to reduce freight costs by 50% per unit
  • Total steel cabinet construction
  • Full 4”-thick, CDC-free, polyurethane insulation in all walls, top and bottom
  • Low temperature sealed condensing unit with service valves
  • Standard, painted, galvanized steel doors with welded PVC frame, roll-in gaskets and lockable hasp latch
  • Drop-down evaporator systems
  • Interior airflow ducts on automatic defrost models
  • Custom painted exterior (optional)
  • Heavy-duty refrigeration (optional)
  • Reverse fan self-cleaning condensing unit (optional)
  • Blue “ICE” decals (optional)

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