Ice Vending Machines

Opening The Door To New Possibilities!

  • 24/7, unattended, packaged ice vending
  • Low investment costs
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick ROI potential

Have a great location in mind to sell ice, but don’t want to stand there attending the merchandiser? Want something that does all the work for you? If you answered yes, Leer’s packaged Ice Vending Machines are the perfect solution.


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Ice Vending Machine Models

VM40 Ice Vending Machine

Exterior Dimensions: 47″ L x 30″ W x 78.5 H
Interior Capacity: 40 Cubic Feet
Bag Capacity: 80 10lb. Bags
Requirements: Electrical 115v (230v upon request)
Pricing: Contact Us


VM85 Ice Vending Machine

Exterior Dimensions: 84″ L x 35.5″ W x 76.5″ H
Interior Capacity: 85 Cubic Feet
Bag Capacity: 200 10lb. Bags
Requirements: Electrical 115v (230v upon request)
Pricing: Contact Us

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  • Alert System: Sends an alert if the door is open, inventory is low, or the box is too warm
  • Anti-Theft: Self-locking doors to prevent against theft
  • Certified: UL Certified, CE Certified, DOE Registered, NSF Approved box upon request
  • Construction: Water-tight lock-form seams for a stronger, more durable cabinet with all steel construction
  • Ease Of Use: Only needs electrical, few moving parts, and little to no maintenance required
  • Made In The USA: Manufactured by Leer’s employee-owners ensuring a personal commitment to quality
  • Unattended: Integrated with credit card readers and cellular communications for remote monitoring
  • Vending: Machine calculates bags removed  based on weight and charges accordingly
  • Warranties: All parts and labor covered by warranty

How It Works –
Ice Customer:

A Simple 4 Step Process

1) Swipe Credit Card – Door Unlocks
2) Open Door – Take Desired Number of Bags
3) Machine Weight – Vending Machine Weighs Inventory & Charges Based On Amount Removed
4) Close Door – Card Reader Displays # of Bags Taken & Amount Charged

Transaction Complete – Enjoy Ice!



Ice Vending Machine Overview

How It Works –
Machine Owner

Owner will have Account Login to:

  • Monitor the Whole Process
  • See Real-Time Inventory
  • Set Bag Size
  • Send Alerts
  • Set Price, and Adjust Price Dependent on Location and Occasion

Customer Testimonials:

“We are extremely happy with our Leer Vending Machine. The VM85 is well built, looks incredible and is much cheaper, cleaner and more state of the art than the other options. The thing I appreciate most is the ability to sell ice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no overhead.”

“Leer has impressed us from day one with their customer service.”

Jonny N.
Blue Marlin Ice

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